stuff for sale

Have stuff you don’t want anymore and would like to earn extra cash? Drop them off!

We consign pre-owned clothing, furniture, home goods, and jewelry. Items must be in good condition and functional.

To get set up as a consignor please our front counter to get registered. Once you are registered as a consignor you can bring items to Pac-Rat for sale. The consignment door is on the back side of our building for small items and if you have furniture, we will accept that at our big overhead door on the front of the building. Park by the door and come to the counter to let someone know you have furniture to drop off. Furniture is accepted any day of the week.  We also offer pick up service if needed. Call for more details.

Consignment Take In

  • Consignments are taken in every day.
  • Consignments are taken from 9AM to 4PM.
  • The limit each time is 4 medium-sized boxes and up to 35 hanging items.
  • Items must be in-season, clean and in good condition.


When you bring in a consignment you will drop off your items and receive a receipt. After that Pac-Rat will go through your items one by one. The items that are deemed sellable will be priced, inventoried, and moved to the display floor. Items deemed unsellable will be placed into the proper recycling area.  They are left on the floor for 60 days at full price, then 30 more days at 1/2 price.  If you see a “1/2” written in red on the sticker, your item is now in the half price time frame.  After 90 days we typically donate the rest of the items to local donation centers like Salvation Army.

As consigned items are sold money is accrued in the consignor’s account. You can use your credits towards items in the store or we can pay you in cash.