Donations in back of car

Have a cluttered house can make your life feel cluttered. By decluttering you can redistribute resources, to help the planet it is important to see items as resources, it’s not like you can venture into the Hills and pick a wild smartphone. If you have stuff that can still be used why not pass it on. Just by recycling your old stuff you are saving resources from being used on a new product. Think about what you truly need when you start decluttering. Think back if you have used it in the past year, if not you should recycle it, even if you just used it once consider borrowing it from a friend in the future. Or if it is something you can rent from a local shop, this will help lower consumption and create jobs in the community. Not only is decluttering great for the environment it’s also mentally refreshing. Not having to stuff things down to get drawers closed and having space to display items you truly care about makes for a peaceful space. A clean space can be inspiring and trigger your creative mind.  


Pac Rat Consignment Store is the perfect place to bring your recycled items, supporting local non profits they will make you feel good after your declutter process. Taking your quality items and making them affordable to local residents, it may be old to you but it’s something new for the next person.