How to Fundraise with Pac-Rat Consignment Store

Most fundraisers require you to sell the same things as everyone else, like candy bars, wrapping paper or popcorn. Many times it even requires you to invest before you sell them. This puts a lot of risk and a lot of work on your members! With a FUNDraiser, we make raising money super easy. Collect quality used items from family and friends, then collect money for your nonprofit when we buy from you.

Step 1

Create your Event. Provide us with information about your nonprofit organization. Decide on a goal and set up your event. We will send you a contract and you’ll be ready to raise!

Step 2

Promote your drive. Promote your event to the community. Use posters, flyers, social media, video, or many other ways to get your fundraising event noticed.

Step 3

Make the exchange. When your event is over and you’ve reached your goal, you’ll deliver the items that were collected and bring it to the store.  We will weigh it and make the payment to your organization.

Fundraising with Pac-Rat is a simple and profitable way for your nonprofit to raise funds. Most fundraisers require you to spend your own money to buy things like candy bars, wrapping paper or popcorn. You then have to sell them in order to make money. That’s a lot of risk and a lot of work! When you Fundraise with Pac-Rat, we make it super easy. Collect stuff from family, friends, and your community.  Then we buy from you and you collect the money.

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We pay by the pound for a wide range of items including clothes, books, sports equipment, household items and more.  Please ensure items are in good condition. 

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