Help Hydro to save water and other resources for a healthier planet.

Buying used items is one of the easiest ways to help the environment. Imagine how much of an impact you could make buying used clothes, furniture, and household good. Landfill and water savings are just part of how buying used can help save our planet. Read on to find out more on what you can do to help Hydro on his mission to make the world a healthier place to live.

10 Environmentally-Friendly Fundraising Products

Pac-Rat does our part to help save the environment and conserve energy and water by consigning items and selling second-hand clothes, furniture, home goods and jewelry. Pac-Rat has a great fundraising program!

Recycling Tips for Used Clothing

Recycling Tips for Used Clothing Everyone knows that recycling things like metal, glass, plastic, and cardboard is essential to a healthy planet. This includes things like clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, curtains, etc.

Why Thrift?

Why Thrift? Environmental Impact Are you looking for a great way to reduce waste and pollution? A simple technique would be Re-wearing clothing. Each garment purchased second-hand reduces the need to make a new one.

Environmental Impact

You may not know it, but what you purchase on a day to day basis can have a big impact on the environment. This is why buying used products instead of new ones is so important. 

Benefits of Buying Used Clothing

Buying used clothing can be very beneficial to both you and the environment. Not only is it fun and affordable, but it also reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. Help Hydro! 

Clothing Reuse Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

I’m sure you have heard the term carbon footprint. Did you know that the fashion industry has its own footprint. So what exactly is a carbon footprint? It is carbon dioxide that gets produced. Read on…

Changing with the Season

We live in a creative world that is ever changing and the fashion industry is one of those things changes every season. What was in a month ago is now out. So how do we stay current, but environmentally conscious?

Clothing Pollution

With clothing being the second largest pollution source it is important to understand the effects of disposing of your clothing versus recycling them. This is the journey of that concert t-shirt you just had to have.


Have a cluttered house can make your life feel cluttered. By decluttering you can redistribute resources. To help the planet it is important to see items as resources. You can’t venture into the Hills and pick a wild smartphone.