Pac-Rat Consignment Store is getting a makeover. The former roller skating rink has housed the Pac-Rat Consignment Store for 25 years. While the building is still in great shape it was time to repaint and update the layout of the shopping area.

Prior to painting we applied drywall over the remaining areas of exposed insulation. Once that was done we painted the entire inside bright white. While the pink was great for about 40 years, it is gone now. The bright white walls look great and have increased the light in all shopping areas. Next we painted the building’s support beams red. We have painted the beams up to the roof at this point with plans to coat the entire span in the near future.The new look is clean and fresh.

Once the painting was done we decided to cut a large pass-through area in the wall separating the furniture area from the rest of the showroom. This change has been a huge success. Both in terms of functionality for Pac-Rat Consignment Store staff, and a better over-all shopping experience for our customers.

Another change that has enhanced shop-ability is the display of our shoe area. Previously only 1 shoe was displayed and the other was stored behind the counter. We now have both shoes displayed on the shop floor. Customers and employees alike have greatly appreciated this adjustment.

Finally, with the help of Salvation Army in Rapid City, we have streamlined our handling of unsold items. Salvation Army provided us with large cardboard bins that can be filled with items for donation. Salvation Army stores and secures the bins until they are ready for pickup. This has greatly reduced the trash and trespassing problem we have experienced over the years.

We invite you to visit Pac-Rat Consignment Store for yourself to see the cool changes!